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The 1114 Huge Rope Charm Perch from Bonka Bird Toys is a large colorful bird perch for those large sized feathered friends! This big rainbow perch looks great in any cage with its bright rainbow colors and different bird pleasing materials. The ends of this perch have durable plastic caps attached with threaded screw ends coming out. These screw ends have large pan washers on them with wing nuts holding them down. They make it very easy to mount this bird perch in any cage that can fit it. The perch itself is a long length of all natural cotton rope that has been tightly wound around a metal wire. This wire can be gently bent letting you adjust the shape this perch somewhat. On the perch there are (2) colorful clear charms that can be moved up and down the perch. Each of these charms have paper strips with colorful plastic charms hanging down. Your pet will love to check out the charms and items hanging down and move them all around the perch. The 1114 Huge Rope Charm Perch measures about (48) inches long with a (1.25) inch depth. This large bird perch is 100% bird safe.
  • Versatile perch.
  • Soft cotton rope construction.
  • bendable design.
  • Floating fun Charm additions.

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