Harrison's 52001E Power Treat 1LB

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SMALL BIRD (grind or crush): .15 - 1.5 pieces 
MEDIUM BIRD: 3 pieces,
LARGE BIRD:  9 pieces

Can be used as the only food source to aid in weaning, changing a birds diet from seeds to Harrisons Bird Foods or as a supplement for birds already fed Harrisons Bird Foods that need extra energy following an illness.~~Beneficial to birds with dry flaky skin (beak, nails), balding of the feet, lack of sheen and proper color to feathers.~~Beneficial to most aging birds.~~Beneficial to certain species known to eat high oil diets.~~High antioxidant content (vitamin E and coenzyme Q10).~~High carotenoid content (precursors to vitamin A).~~Good balance of essential fatty acids.

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