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Help your avian friend feel their best with HealthyGut ™ Probiotics for Birds. This Avian Formula is an all-natural, daily probiotic and prebiotic supplement for all classes of pet bird. Scoop included, the tasty powder is easy to feed and made from human grade raw materials. Holistically promote normal digestion, crop pH, help defend against feather picking and effects from stress, aid relief from digestive upset or antibiotic use, and aid general microbiome support in your bird. Ideal for all ages of bird.


Most birds today are hand fed. In the wild, parent birds regurgitate food as well as their natural probiotic flora into their babies, colonizing their intestines naturally. Feeding this probiotic may help colonize the intestines of parrots in a more natural and necessary distribution.

We offer you the best you can offer your bird.

With relatively short and fast digestive systems, birds need billions, not millions of probiotics. (100 million = 0.1 billion)

Each scoop of Avian Probiotics contains 8 species and

5 billion CFU probiotic bacteria

Directions: 1 scoop= 1/8 tsp or 0.375 g

Bird weight:

<100 grams: 1/8 scoop

100-250 grams: 1/4 scoop

250-500 grams: 1/2 scoop

500-1,500 grams: 1 scoop

Over 1,500 grams: 2 scoops

Simply sprinkle on your parrot's food.
120 Servings per 45 g container
0.375 g/ serving

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