Versele-Laga CALCI-LUX 500Gr Calcium Based Supplement

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Oropharma Calci-Lux is a source of high-quality water-soluble calcium. This dietary supplement is administered for a good training of the shell of the egg, for a good development of the skeleton in young birds, during the farm to prevent the difficult bosses and in case of deficiency of calcium or calcium tetany. Calcium is an essential element in the body of the bird. It is necessary to the proper functioning of the nervous system. Deficiencies in calcium regularly result in birds on serious health problems. If the bird is not calcium in sufficient quantity, its skeleton is décalcifie and bones are deformed. In the serin, a lack of calcium during the rearing period will result to poor training of the shell and even a difficult laying. During the period of breeding and growth, it is therefore strongly recommended to give calcium supplements to the birds. A sufficient calcium levels will allow a good training of the shell and the development of a healthy skeleton.

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