Bonka Bird Toys 3427 Small Raffia Bowtie

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The 3427 pk3 Small Raffia Bowtie from Bonka Bird Toys are adorable foot toys that can also be used as decorations around your home! There are (3) ready to play with raffia bowties in the pack ready to be used. Each bowtie is made of all natural raffia palm. This material is soft to the touch, has lots of strands and is an ideal material for your pets beak and feet. The raffia palm is twisted into an eye pleasing cute bowtie. The top of the bowtie has two loops which can be used to hang the bowtie from the cage or other toy. There is a small knot in the middle of the bowtie which direct the raffia stands down away from the loops. Your pet will love to chew apart and feel the material! This bowties are so cute they can even be used by you to decorate different parts of your home.

  • Cute pack of 3 raffia bowties
  • Great foot and beak toy
  • Can be used to decorate anywhere!
  • Weighs under 1 ounce
  • Measures about 4 inches wide, 4.5 inches tall and 0.5 inches deep

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