Bonka Bird Toys 3144 Coconut Fiber Bedding Nesting Material

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The 3144 Coconut Fiber Bedding is the ideal material for your feathered friend to make their nest or resting area out of. We have packed the bag full of coconut fiber giving you and your pet plenty of material to use and interact with. The soft coconut fiber is very stringy. Your pet will have lots of fun pulling apart the coconut bedding and exploring the fiber. The fiber is the perfect material for your pet to make their nest out of. Coconut fiber also works as a perfect foraging material to add to other toys that hold it. The uses for it are only limited to your imagination! The coconut fiber is totally bird safe and ready to use right out of its bag. The bag measures 8 inches wide by 10 inches tall with an approximate depth of 2 inches.
  • Big bag of coconut fiber
  • Soft fiber thats easy for your pet to play and forage with
  • Can be added to other toys
  • 100% bird safe

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