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The 2168 Duo Pot Ring from Bonka Bird Toys is a colorful and durable large sized bird toy for your medium to large beaked buddy! This long and beautiful bird toy has lots of stainless steel pots, chewable wooden rings and colorful rubber wibbly balls to thrill your pet bird! The top of the bird toy has a heavy duty quick link attachment thats included with the toy. This lets you easily hang it in the best spot in your cage. A heavy link chain hangs from the quick link connector and continues through the whole bird toy acting as its backbone. All of the other parts on the toy hang from this main sturdy chain. At (2) levels on the bird toy there are colorful wibbly balls that sit on top of sturdy metal rings. These wibby balls stand out with their colorful surface and are great fun for pets with their easy to grab for beak and feet texture. Below each of the wibbly balls there are (2) sturdy rings that each hang colorful bird pleasing items! Your pet will find (2) gorgeous acrylic daisies that color light as it passes through their translucent material. There is also a large stainless steel measuring cup with a bird safe colorful wooden chew ring resting on top. Whenever your pet grabs and plays with this bird toy the entire toy will move about making for an awesome colorful and noisy time!

The 2168 Duo Pot Ring is 100% bird safe and does ship in assorted colors for the daises and wooden chew rings all of them bright and bird pleasing. This bird toy weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (20.75) inches or (20 3/4) inches

Depth at its widest: (5) inches

Weight: (16) ounces

  • Heavy duty colorful large toy
  • Easy to grab wibbly balls.
  • Lots of stainless steel pots.
  • 100% bird safe.

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