PREVUE PETS 62478 Mineral

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Prevue Pet Products Playfuls Preen & Pacify Mineral Bird Toy 62478 will provide hours of foot and beak exercise as birds climb, swing and gnaw on a variety of shapes and textures. Made from solid hardwood strung together with cotton or sisal rope. Preen & Pacify bird toys may also include plastic beads, sea shells and engaging ropes. All materials are 100% pet safe with non-toxic, food grade colors and connect easily to cage with quick-link attachments. Toy is hand made and actual measurements may vary slightly. As always, supervise birds at play. Our Mineral bird toy is approximately 6" long, 3"wide and 15" high, ideal for medium to large birds.

  • Delight for a full range of chomping and chewing bird sizes
  • These toys will keep climbing, grabbing, chomping and chewing birds stimulated!
  • A good all-around physical toy
  • Great for foot and beak exercise
  • Preen & Pacify mineral block toy with bird-safe bell

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