Bonka Bird Toys 3123 Duo Mini Taco

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The 3123 Duo Mini Taco is packed with foraging fun for your medium sized bird. The 3123 not only looks great, it also will provide hours of foraging stimulation for your pet. The top of the toy has a small quick link cage attachment making installing and hanging a simple and easy process. From this attachment there is a metal wire that runs through the center of the toy. The top of the wire has a natural wooden bead, a small plastic tube and then another natural wooden bead. From here the main part of the toy begins. The 3123 has two seagrass mats that are wrapped around many finger traps. The mats are held together with the metal wire that runs through the toy. On either end of the mats there are bunches of multicolored shreddable foraging paper. At the bottom of the toy there are two more natural wooden beads and a small metal bell. The 3123 measures about 10 inches in height, has an approximately 9.5 inch length and about a 5 inch depth. The 3123 is made with 100% bird safe materials.

  • Great shreddable and foraging bird toy
  • Many different colors and textures for your pet
  • Easy for your pet to grab, chew and play with
  • Made with 100% bird safe materials

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