Bonka Bird Toys 2100 Large Natural Raffia Fans

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The 2100 pk3 Large Natural Raffia Fans are big natural chewable toys for your large sized pet bird! The 2100 comes with three natural raffia fans in the pack ready to be played with. The fans are quite big and can measure over 10 inches wide, over 14 inches tall and have a thickness of 1/4 inch or greater. The fans are all natural items and their size can vary greatly from fan to fan. The fans are woven together giving them lots of texture. The soft raffia material makes it easy for your pet to chew or grab. The bottom of the fan have a small loop which lets you hang the fan on other toys or the cage itself.

  • Includes three large raffia fans
  • Easy to chew and grab
  • Can be easily hung with its loop
  • 100% bird safe

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