Bonka Bird Toys 1734 Large Pineapple

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The 1734 Large Pineapple from Bonka Bird Toys is a brightly colored chewing and pulling large sized bird toy. This bird toy has lots of wood and many leather strips to keep your pet birds beak and feet busy! The top of the toy has a quick link attachment included. A sturdy link chain hangs from the attachment and loops through a metal eyelid thats screwed into the top of the pineapple body. The main part of the bird toy is the super smiley lazy pineapple made from a solid piece of bird safe wood. The pineapples wood body thickness is a little wider than (1/4) inches providing your pet with a great grabbing and chewing surface. The pineapples top face is colored green with a happy face painted on. The bottom part of the pineapple is a bright yellow color enticing your pet to come and play from anywhere in the cage. On the body of the bird toy there are (6) drilled holes with natural strips of leather strung through. These leather strips are knotted on both sides and hold a colorful wooden chew bead. On the bottom of the bird toy there are (2) sturdy link chains that hang even more beak and feet pleasing wood parts. At the very bottom of these chains are metal rings that can be pulled or used to hang more material from the toy.

The 1732 Large Pineapple is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (20) inches

Width: (4.75) inches or (4 3/4) inches

Depth: (3) inches

Weight: Under (11) ounces

  • Bright assorted material chew toy.
  • Lots of chewy wood and leather strips.
  • Easy to pull chain legs.
  • 100% bird safe.

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