Bonka Bird Toys 1579 Medium Sisal Rope Boing Coil Swing

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The Sisal Ropes, 1614, 1613, and 1566 are great natural rope perch for your flock. With braided sisal rope, these boings are solid and durable, making them a tremendous long-time purchase! Attached at the top are a stainless steel swivel and link connector, allowing the boings to spin and add a new aspect of play to your bird's routine. 

1613 Measurements and Weight: 

- Weight: 2lb 3oz

- Measurements: H=8ft 9in when stretched w= 8in d =1in

1614 Measurements and Weight: 

-Weight: 1lb 11oz

-Measurements: H=64in when stretched w=6.5in d=0.75in

1566 Measurements and Weight: 

-Weight: 11oz

-Measurements: H=53in when stretched w=6in d=0.5in

1579Measurements and Weight: 

-Weight: 18oz

-Measurements: 53″ Long x 6″ Wide x .5″ Diameter


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