Bonka Bird Toys 1059 Jumbo Triangle Rope Ring

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The 1059 Huge Triangle Rope Ring Swing from Bonka Bird Toys is a colorful and huge rope perch that's easy to climb and super bird appealing. This large rope perch can easily be used as a central play perch with its delightful colors and bird-pleasing materials. The top of the bird perch has a small size heavy-duty connector for fast hanging in the cage. A sturdy metal link chain hangs down from the connector and joints with the rope triangle perch at the top of the triangle. The rope perch triangle itself measures a huge (15) inches tall by (18) inches wide! The triangle has been made with a sturdy metal wire that has been tightly wrapped with colorful all-natural cotton rope. The cotton rope has lots of places for your pet to grab with their beak and feet providing a perfect climbing surface. At the top, both bottom corners, and the bottom middle of the triangle are many pieces of cotton fray ideal for preening and pulling. On the bottom of the triangle rope perch are (2) colorful assorted color plastic charms. These hang loosely, can have other items hanging off them, and are great fun for pets to manipulate with their beaks and feet. In between the (2) plastic charms is a large knot of colorful cotton rope with many lengths of fray coming out from the bottom.

Height: 26 inches
Width: 18 inches
Depth: 3 inches
Weight: Under 24 ounces

  • Huge colorful rope swing perch.
  • Brightly colored bird safe 100% natural cotton rope.
  • 2 fun plastic charms.
  • 100% bird safe.

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